Saturday, February 7, 2015

set A questions and answers that I can remember(7th Feb post):
1. not equvalent to p-q ans C.. sure
2. total sum of edges in min spanning tree. : 69
3. worst case of BST: search, delete : both O(n) sure
4. difference betn STTF and Scan : I hit 10. if last track numbered is 99 then 9.
5. cyclomatic complexity of given program : 5
6. limit wala: 1
7. f{g(x)} ans is A. f(x)/g(x)
8. more than one TCP connection: FTP,HTTPS.. not sure
9. infinite sequence of process. periodically arrival: 9 Wrong
10. 10 vertices > each region of degree 3 edges.. solved but ambiguity in bounded and unbounded regions.
11. CO speedup 3.27
12. probability of any node to send in slot .. 0.4401
13. valid inorder: sure.. can'nt remember sequence
14. after inserting 35 heap sure.
15. min frame size 1370 something sure
16. max,min nodes of height 5 : 63 and 6
17. C 2-D array. Ans A . _,2036,2036
18. min. tables in 3NF: 4
19. SQL no of rows: 2
20. C code: no use of first function .. sure
21. (log n)^(1/2).. delete,search,increase key operation and n insert operation. prefered data structure.. I hit: doubly sorted liked list.. might be wrong. another option was min heap.
22. temporary variables in given expression: 3
23. no of different values of B at last:3
24: C code .. approximate value at last: nlog(logn) but might be nlogn..
25. se: equivalence partitioning: black. volume: performace. alpha: system
26: XML: is case sensitive and must be closed.
27: same ordering or close of ordering of some index: hit clustered
28: 3 address codes.. operand and process registered I hit not sure. about implicit address.
29: viable prefix at the TOP of stack only.
30: probality : set A: (4 elements) set B (5 element) probability of sum exactly 16. ANS: 0.2
31: 1/(x * (x+1)) 0.99
32: integration of (1/x)* cosx.. regret:could not use calsi for integration
33. worst case of quick sort: T(n) = T(n-1) + cn + 1
34. Total File transfer .. 2000 * (total I/o time)
35. recurrence relation : a(n) = a(n-1) + a(n-2) + 2^n-2
36: intersection of two DFA given : (|) phi min state is 1
37: PDA question might be wrong Question.
38: complement of CFG is recursive and union of Recursive and R.E is R.E
39: phi is element of 2^A. Phi is subset of of 2^A and {3,{5}} is element of 2^A.
god knows . I hit above three statment.
40: LU decomposition : l22=? sure..!
41: Eigen Values: -1,7 Ans: D.
42: BFS traversal shortest path: d(u) - d(v) could not be 2
43: match the pair :merge sort : DandC, prims: greedy, hamoltonian backtrack

1. she had a terrific time at a party
2. statement one is sufficient of count steps
3. data interpreation: 12::.. can't remember exactly
4. average marks: 6.0759
Add questions if you know any.


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